Need Feedback on a React Project

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I did a project called movie-base using React JS and Firebase. Please give me your suggestions, tips and constructive feedback. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚οΈ. Here's the link movie-base.

Edit: From the feedback I received, As this is a test application you can even sign-up with a fake email to test the App.

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I don't know if you just haven't gotten to this part yet, but my initial thought is "What is it, and why should I sign up".

After logging in, going to mylist crashes it and going back doesn't bring the app back. (On further review, it only crashes when there's something in the list, I removed the something and the page loads)

I really like the header on the individual movie's page:

Although I would suggest making the movie poster bigger? Seems kind of off balance shoved to the side and the size that it is.

I'm curious to know where you scraped all the data from? IMDB?


I've taken note of your points. The data is from themoviedb API. Thank you for your feedback.

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