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How to get better at Blogging?

6 Things that are Stopping you from Writing

I haven’t taken blogging seriously until last year. I started it as a way of sharing my technical knowledge with the world, later found out that writing brings the best out of me as a person more than as a software engineer.

When I started writing a lot of people liked and supported my blog, and most of the question they asked was how do I do it.

In this blog, I am going to answer some of those common questions. I am stealing a few questions from @Alispitel’s blogs but the answers are my own

How do you keep motivated?

  • Mmm... This is tricky. I always learn. Hence I know exactly what people have to go through when they learn something new. I started writing only to making things easy for curious people like me and that’s what keeps me motivated

How do you find the time?

  • Writing will not take you more than 15 mins a day. It’s the editing, proofreading adding an illustration, sharing it in social media that takes time.
  • Try this fix a 15mins slot in your calendar and start writing in a google doc. You will have min 2 blogs per week

How do you come up with topics?

  • What are you currently working on?
  • What are you currently learning?
  • What do you care about? Environment
  • What are the things you value the most?

Do you follow a specific template when you write?

  • Not all blogs can flow with a single template
  • What I follow is I put down topics and subtopics of everything I have to say in a particular blog. Then I go about filling the sections. This will also help you overcome the resistance of writing on a blank sheet of paper

Which platform is good for writing blogs?

  • I used to have a WordPress blog but later moved it to medium because it makes writing super easy and clutters free.
  • I personally like their stats since it gives me additional motivation to write.
  • But, I am rethinking after their changes in paywall settings.

What if people judge me?

  • Yes, the internet is liable to people judging you and commenting on it. But there will be n others who will be valuing your work
  • All you have to keep in mind is there is only one version of you. What needs to be told by you should be told by you in your own way

Have more questions. Tweet at @geeky_bhavani and i will accommodate them in the blog.

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