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What tools do you use to organize and think through your coding tasks?

I am especially curious about tools that people have used for a long time. Tools that have become an integral part of your workflow.

Are there tools that have replaced pen/paper for organizing your thoughts before you start typing into an editor each day?

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I am still very pen and paper for diagrams.
When I have to share those with the team, in those cases I use

On computer, I mainly use Emacs with Org-mode.
Especially for embedding code with their results (literate programming), also DB queries and results.

If I need to handle a lot a screen shots, I might use OneNote.

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Matteo Carotta • Edited

I use Zenkit for more complex planning and Squid on my tablet to sketch diagrams or any still not well-defined idea that's taking shape in my mind. As you can see I haven't moved too far away from pen&paper as well. Some ideas just need to be black on white as fast as possible and in a non too structured manner.

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I've used Trello, Evernotes, and WorkFlowy on and off. But nothing has replaced pen/paper for me!

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Mich Rodz • Edited

Check out markdown, note-taking application, QOwnNotes, it changes my life:

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Rolando Galindo from my iPhone is my best tool during a stand up meeting. Slack for online ones to create trello or asana tasks.