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I would say start looking at good first issues label on Github open source repos. is a good start. I find contributing in open source code incredibly useful for me as a dev, it expands your horizon, exposes you to new techs, helps you connect with likeminded individuals, learn from them. You can give it a shot, no matter how small or big your contribution is, it matters.


Well it's generally holiday season mostly devs are on a break or a vacation I guess 😅


Interesting, I thought that's more the case for teachers :D


Definitely some form of exercising!
I love to run although I find it hard to find time for it since I am usually tired when I get home from work but did create a schedule for myself.


Exercising is necessary ✔️
I usually do Meditation to relax 😋😌

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Trying to fix that bug 🐛, you left in.

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