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Big Data Tools 2019 That Every Developer Must Know

Every developers must know this big data tools 2019. Get a detailed knowledge and overall glimpse about the trending big data tools this year.

The following tools and their descriptions are referred from the original article "Top 20 Big Data Tools 2019"

Top 20 Big Data tools

1. Apache Hadoop

It is a library framework that allows us to proceed distributed processing of large data sets across various cluster of computers. It can be scaled up to handle thousands of server machines. It can detect the failures and handle them at the application layer.


  • Users can easily write and test on distributed systems.

  • It automatically distribute the data across the machines and can utilize the parallelism of CPU core.

2 Apache Spark

By the definition, it is a fast, open source, general purpose cluster computing framework. API’ can be developed in JAVA, Scala, R and python languages. This framework supports to process large sets of data across various clusters of computers. It can be scaled up to manage and support single servers to large server machines.

Spark can cover large amount of work loads like interactive queries, streaming, batch applications, algorithm iteratives and more. It can reduce the burden of managing multiple tools.

3 Apache Storm

It is an open source real time big data computation system and also free to use. It can process unbounded streams of data in a distributed real time.

4 Tableau

Table is the powerful tool ever, it helps to simplify the raw data into an easily understandable data sets. Tableau work nature can be easily understandable by professionals who are in any level of an organization. It connects and extract the data from various sources.

5 Apache Cassandra

Effective management of large set of data can be done by apache cassandra, without compromising the performance it can provide you scalability and high ability. Cassandra is fault tolerant, decentralized, Scalable, High performer.

6 Flink

It is also an another open source, distributed Big data tool that can stream process the data with no hassles.

7 Cloudera

Faster, easier and highly secure modern big data platform. It allows user to get data from any environment within a single and scalable platform.


Developed by LexisNexis Risk Solution. It delivers data processing on a single platform with a single programming language support.

9 Qubole

It is an autonomous big data platform. Wll be self managed, self- optimized, it allows businesses to focus on better outcomes.

11 CouchDB

It is the only big data tool that stores data in JSON Documents, It provides distributed scaling with ultra fault tolerant. It allows data accessing through couch replication tool.

12 Pentaho

This big data tool can be used to extract, prepare and blend the data. It provides both visualization and analytics for a business.

13 Openrefine

Openrefine is also another big data tool , it can help us to work with a large amount of messy data.

14 Rapidminer

It is also an another open source big data tool. Which is used for data prep, machine learning, and data model deployments.

15 Data Cleaner

It is a Data quality analysis tool, inside the data cleaner there is a strong data profiling technique.

Read More Tools & Explore features of all the above tools here : Big Data Tools 2019

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