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EasyBot, the JSON Discord Bot

Create a Discord Bot it's hard. You have to setup NodeJS, some modules, and write the same code again and again when you want to add some commands. It's for that I've create a project called EasyBot! Here you can create a Discord bot with just a JSON file on a web interface!

(The web interface is still work in progress and CSS is not my favorite part at all xD)

So if you want to try this code, you just need an environement wich can run NodeJS, clone the Github repo, install the modules and that's it!

GitHub logo Bigaston / easy-bot

A system for create your own Discord bot with JSON.


A system made to create your own Discord bot with JSON.


Clone this reposistory and use this command. You need NodeJS to run this project.

npm install

After that, edit the script.json file with your bot token and some data! You can check the example_script.json file if you want!

The bot need some permission. You can use this very little and ugly website to have all the needed permission! Just past your app id inside.


You can find the documentation here

You can get more information in the doc!

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