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I've create a new little website, called It's an old project I've started last year (you can find the first version on It's a website inspired by Linkfire website but for games.

In this website, you can add some link to marketplace (like, Newgrounds, Steam, Google Play and other), a little description, a name for your game and a picture.

All the data is store into my server in a lowdb database (it's a JSON db store localy). To create a game, you need to login with a Google account, because I don't know, for know, how to store password and login with secure data.

For tech, I use NodeJS, ExpressJS, Pug, LowDB, and Bootstrap. It's not a perfect website, maybe I can improve it (and I've to improve it), but I want to post this little news.

At the moment, the V2 is not open but maybe in one or two weeks!

Here a little demo:


So it's all for know. I'm not a great web developper so I use tech I've learn.

So have a nice day!

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