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Looking for feedback on my beginners Visual Studio Code UI tutorial video

I am an occasional developer and decided to write my website from scratch last year. Aside from learning Jekyll, SCSS, Git, and GitHub, I also learned a lot about how to use Visual Studio Code.

The work I do using VSC is just the tip of the iceberg, but it was fun. That is why I decided to create a regular series on how to use VSC on my YouTube channel.

However, before I start releasing regular videos, I wanted to reach out to the community here to review it first and provide feedback.

That is why I am creating this DEV-only post, asking anyone that has a chance to watch this 11m 35s video that walks a person through the VSC user interface.

The video

Feedback request

If you can take a moment, I would appreciate your feedback on any of the following:

  • Is it informative?
  • Is it too long? Not long enough? Just right?
  • Is this a series that would interest you?
  • How is the audio and video quality?
  • Is there any feedback you want to provide?
  • Is there anything you want to learn in VSC?


The video covers the following topics
Introduction to the Visual Studio Code UI
The menu bar
The title bar
The activity bar
The side bar
The explorer, including some reasons for using it
The editor
The group editor
The panel
The status bar
The command palette

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Bill Raymond

Thank you for the feedback!