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Python Vs PHP: Know the Key Difference in 2 Min

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We all know that for fast application development, Python is the most trending high-level object-oriented programming language, whereas to develop a dynamic website or web application, PHP is used.

Between Python and PHP, PHP's many frameworks and compare to PHP Python have a small number of frameworks.

AI and Machine learning are now trending and growing rapidly, so Python is widely used in AI and ML, the scientific community, data science. For web development, PHP is the preferable choice.

Python created by Guido VAn Rossum in 1991
PHP created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994

Key Features of Python:

Dynamic Typing
Rapid development
Beautiful code

Key features of PHP:

Easy development
Continual Improvements

Learning Curve: For long-term projects, Python is the better choice. The PHP learning curve is very low.

PHP community- web-focused, innovates quickly and
Python Community- diverse and stable, used in academia widely

For web development, PHP is exclusively designed.
For the general-purpose language, Python is designed.

Python and PHP are both most lovable by the developers. Nowadays, many businesses and startups hire python developer for AL and ML projects, web development, desktop or back-end development. While on the web, PHP is a famous language.

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