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Machine Learning Tutorial

I've been scouring the internet looking for a good, recent tutorial on machine learning. The type of machine learning I want to do is neural network classification with a spreadsheet's worth of values, similar to predicting bank loan defaults.

Anyone know of any good tutorials, specifically using a recent version of Python 3?

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Yokim Pillay

Hey Patrick! Not too long ago there was a sale on at on Machine Learning.

I bought the bundle and found some really awesome books there that I think would help you on your journey, they are:

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python
Deep Learning
Deep Learning Cookbook
Learning TensorFlow

I hope these help you out as much as they are currently helping me!

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Nina Rallies

I want to start working on this project and learn as I do.

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Harish Garg
binarypatrick profile image

Thanks for all the tips! Sci-kit has been really helpful.

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An updated list of the best Machine Learning tutorials!

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