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I need to "get out"

Recently, I came upon the realization that there are a couple of reasons why I should leave my computer more often.

Firstly, talking with someone on Discord or Telegram will not produce the same human relationship as talking in real-life would. I don't see facial expressions or body language. If it's simply text, without voice, I can't even detect tones-of-voice.

Staying on the computer also creates the fallacy that I'm being productive. Sometimes, checking email, twitter, facebook and GitHub in a loop is not accomplishing anything. Granted, I can be productive online, but I can also fool myself into feeling productive while I'm wasting time. In the long run, this doesn't make me feel more productive at all.

Lastly, I miss out on so much. The world is full of sunshine, whereas screens don't usually work well in the sunlight. They force me to stay inside, in my room, just talking to Alexa. So I go to the coffee shop and work there.

And so, a message for Elon Musk: Create a computer that loves parks and birds. Make a machine that moves with music and whets you with waves of water.

[Insert applause here]

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