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Hello World!

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Hello guys so this is my first time writing a blog and it just might be the start of something totally new and cool.

So what should you all expect, two words, a lot. You will be seeing me make a lot of things from open source hardware and software, also contribute to them, ahem 2020 goals. If you are paranoid about your privacy that can also be a reason to stick with me because not only am I gonna show who to use privacy focused tools but also set up your own tools i.e in case you wanna make your own VPN and decentralised internet, i don’t know why would you but Ok. We will be making a raspberry pi based NAS (Network Access Storage) server for your private stuff… and make your own mail server while also using it as a proxy for when you are in a coffee shop, damn those coffee shop owners and their wifi, never gonna catch us. Also for when you are in a secret mission we will also make our own private virtual phone numbers which changes every time you use it so no one can ever use it to track you or call you back, it’s really important for those one time calls to your relatives or maybe confess to your crush, i don’t know she might say yes to prom. Wanna have your own video call system cool we will do that too. We will learn how to use burner phones, not to actually burn your new iphones after single use but to use low cost alternatives or may be use fake unregistered sims, ya who knows. Also make signals and wifi jammers to have fun...

Not enough! Man you guys are really demanding, it’s good I also do some design stuff, to look cool obviously. From Sketch,, Figma, Invision, Framer and XD, that's not me laughing actually it’s just Adobe doing it’s thing… from beginner - wireframing, designing with vectors, using pen tool & prototyping animations to advanced - making design systems, typography, icons… as I said a lot.

And I might also have enough knowledge about the stock market to get you the basics from beginner - what is stock market to advanced - IPOs/FPOs for the founders and short selling for the traders. Should I be talking about Startups here? Maybe we will get to see in the future!

Actually there are so many things we could do but as i said it’s my first time and I am shy.Though I read a lot and I am really inspired by Paul Graham if you know YC also Sam Altman, Paul Buchheit, Michael Seibel and my favorite Patrick Collison (it’s only because of Stripe and Stripe Atlas, I love the Books too) , also Tim Urban obviously WaitButWhy?. Also please check my website on , I know you don’t like surveys but trust me the website is different, damn it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

So a lot of things I have said. The idea of starting this is to have a growth as a community and find cool people time me, i am too fucking cool.I could have also mentioned web development and machine learning but i guess Youtube is enough for now. I will be doing essays, how-tos and a lot as i said so don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. I am cool and so are my emails, Hotmails … Do contact me if you feel violated by my coolness.

By the way did anyone notice the image I used on top is actually in golden ratio, see if it is true.

Not gonna make it any longer so please please punch that subscribe button, not on youtube, on top of the screen ya that’s right that white button. Put your email address in my website and Boom!!!

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