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norseVPN - my first 'real' project

Help and contributors wanted for a python project.

Hi guys,
first a (very) small introduction:
I work as a developer for embedded software for the leading crane manufacturer. There I built big knowledge in safety software in ANSI-C99. Well don't get me wrong, that's great, but the ideas and inventions are limited if you work with a processor which is more than 10 years old..

So I started gaining new (and very different) knowledge.

I read and watched a few tutorials for python programming. But it was hard to get interested in such small projects, and therefore didn't learn as much as I could. So what was the solution? Right seek for a project which is way too big, fail many times and give up.

Yes but no

This time, let's skip the part where I give up.

This time my project grew so fast and worked so well that I had to time to give up :D

So let me present to you my first 'real' project:

GitHub logo bitSheriff / norsevpn

NorseVPN - A linux NordVPN GUI client



A linux NordVPN GUI client


The developers do not stand in any affiliated relation to nordVPN, it is not verified or supported by nordVPN Further no code from nordVPN is used, this application is just wrapped around the cli-client.


First you need to install the official client from nordVPN The next step is to login to the client. NorseVPN will not get access to your login information.

 $ nordvpn login
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If you start the NorseVPN client you will see the main window with all the actions that you will need. On the left there is the selection of the nordVPN server in different countries over the world. These location will get automatically updated if nordVPN adds new servers. In the middle is the live view of the connection. On the top right is the settings button and a checkbox if you are currently…

norseVPN - a linux GUI wrapper for nordVPN.
It uses the official nordvpn-cli application and wrapps it with a Qt GUI.
Is it pretty? Definitely not (not yet)
Does it work properly? Yeah, most of the time to be honest.

But what is my intention to write a post here?
Bragging? Definitely not. Well I am proud of it, but I know that this project is not perfect, and I have to learn many many more things about python. But here enters the game:
I'd love to find people who may be interested in this project and who want to help me build this.

I'd love to hear your opinions :)
please no roasts tho ;)

Let's see what twitter says to my project

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