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🚀#2 Made an OpenSource Markdown Editor ✨(PWA+Electron+Angular+Indexed DB)🎉.

This is my second opensource project, after Paper ,which is a note-taking app with "networkless" sharing.
You can check out the app here.

About Markdown Editor,


i have posted an article about paper on and also made a listing on product hunt. From the feedback that i got from fellow developers i made a standalone WYSIWYG markdown editor.

Thanks to Ilya Lesik for providing the idea for a markdown editor, and to Quintus Cardozo for this comment.

Looks great. Have you looked I to Index DB to increase the storage space for notes

This projects uses indexed db for larger storage space, and i have decided to go with pwa and electron so it can be used as a native app.

Markdown Editor

Support on ProductHunt


👆One Click Licence, Contribution Guidelines Export

💾Load and Save Markdown to Indexed DB

🚀Copy/Download Markdown with one-click

🌟Auto Save for Markdowns

🌓Dark/Light Mode

🎎Resizable Split UI

✨Assist for Inserting Images/Link

🚅Save Frequently used Contributing Guidelines/Contributors/Licence on to local storage

📬Opens the recent file, that you were editing on resuming

⚛️ Electron & PWA app for offline use

🔌 No Internet

📖 OpenSource

Twitter Follow

If you like this project, ⭐️ star on github/ follow me on twitter to get my project updates.

🍻Feel free to contribute to the project/provide feedback regarding the project.

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gorvgoyl profile image

is there any md editor where one can directly edit the output (editable right side of md editor) 🤔

sagarkohli02 profile image

Try typora markdown editor.

gorvgoyl profile image

thanks sagar! seems legit.

papaponmx profile image
Jaime Rios

Thanks for sharing! Awesome

blackmamba profile image
The Black Mamba🔥

Thanks Jaime 😊 glad you liked it

adisreyaj profile image
Adithya Sreyaj

Looks Neat🔥...

blackmamba profile image
The Black Mamba🔥

Thanks adithya 😊😊😊

kinghat profile image

what about just storing locally? maybe manage those md files by git as well?