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HTML Tutorial with mobile phone

Setting up Acode

We will be continuing the web development series , click the link to check out the previous series, we are going to look at html5

First of all Goto your phone's appstore search Acode

or go to their website

  • open the Acode app

  • click the kebab menu

  • click on open folder alt

  • click on internal storage alu

  • click the plus icon alt

  • click on new folder Alt

  • rename it to learn alt

  • search and open the learn folder alt


  • click the plus icon again and create new file alt

  • rename the file to index.html alt

  • click on select folder alt

  • Click the hamburger menu ,then click the learn folder and your index.html alt

You just created your first HTML file, we will start talking about HTML tags in the next series

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Pranshu Jha

There are a lot of screenshots in this post. I think it is possible to summarize the steps into a gif.

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Alright thanks 😊