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Testing arduino + wifi card project 📟

🎯 Goal

Goal: Simulate a system that prevents someone his is too close to some place or device by turning on a LED.

At a later stage, user will be able to turn on/off the system remotely via a web server.

use case can be used to prevent your child of dangerous place or device, like a hotplate ?


I divide the system into 3 separate system

  • LED sys
  • Presence/Distance sensor
  • Web server

Use tinkercad to simulate the project. Please try it, you will love it.

LED device

diagram (tinkercad)

Distance sensor


Web server + Wifi CARD

Testing server.

Final stage

In order to connect/plug PINS of the wifi card i used this diagram below.

LED + Distance sensor + Wifi card

I set up a range distance of 40cm to active the LED.


Logs show that the server can get the distance from our system.



Distance sensor HCSR04

Wifi card

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