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Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)
Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)

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47: Overcoming from JS fatigue

Coding is fun, but it tortured me, and I was exhausted mentally, at this point, Should I stop? and just back to my past life, do what I can be good at? NOPE, absolutely not, I am going to be stuck in the same problem, I used to be non-confident how I think and solving my problems, it can be a tiny issue when you go to a new country, you can face the problems, for example, what if the hotel did the mistake and have not checked in yet? What can you do? What is the best solution for you?

The reason I want to keep challenging 'becoming a software engineer' in order to live my life, with confidence, and full of self-love.

I could not adjust to the new environment, first of all.
The way of communicating was much different, it was all about logic.

I am set up, I wonder how I can solve problems and what I want to develop solving issues, and the good thing about learning algorithms, getting wiser to navigate solving the solutions. THIS IS TOO AWESOME :)

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