62 : Puzzle

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I just decide to focus on growing my logic skills above all, there are other ways I can try, in order to achieve that goal, I needed someone supporting my idea, but life is too hard to help someone else, or.. they don't care haha. This world is messed up, these days. 🙏 I don't like to accept it, it is quite true? well, I am surviving, so grateful. and I could remain the old I am, tried to give up for a thousand times. I am here, still crazy as I am 😘

One thing is sure that I want to be different, still value what I want to make it happen on my eye. My intuition was not wrong, it needs specific words to describe. I adore the logical process but, I am too shy to open my world, always. I learned how to relax by myself 🤗 enjoying my new world. I can't help myself without programming any longer in my life. To be normalized, that 'math is equal to programming'. Let's take time to actualize, Please, go slow and steady. The second chapter is finally opened!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🏳️‍🌈

Currently, I am falling in love with solving puzzle problems, it is such fun to think in a variety of ways, if anyone interested in logic problems, please hit me up!!!!!!! 😃 If you are rainbow, I am more glad to connect!!!!!!!

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