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82: The Mentorship is Optional

blanchloe profile image Seonyoung Chloe ・1 min read
  1. There is no need of looking for a perfect mentor to fill your weakness, in my case, I always lose assurance. According to an article that I was concerned about having a mentor, this comment was on the point!

A mentor is not necessary at all. Many people have learned programming all by themselves. Although a mentor can be nice to have. While I'm not self-taught, I learned to program in university, I still had a mentor during the first few months. He was a senior student at the university and he taught me a lot. The way we did code review was that I would do a small project, finish it by myself. If I was completely stuck I would ask for help. And then when it was done I sent him my code and he looked through it. Then we met up (either at school or voice call) and we went through the code together and he suggested ways to improve it or make it cleaner. If we did it over voice call I would share the code using VSCode LiveShare so both could edit the files.

NO WORRY, THERE IS NO TESTING TO PROVE A CLEAN CODE. I love the fact that all we need to do is developing forever, and learning the failures. Some people even made fun of me for my learning-attitude. Well, then, I am born to become a programmer.

  • The Flexibility
  • The Patience
  • The Creativity

These three keywords made me such a code-fool. :P


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