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My First NPM Library - Web Component using StencilJS

Hey guys,

This is my first post in
Loving the community over here.

So here is the thing, I've coding for work form past 3-4 years and have never contributed to open source properly.

I've been learning a lot over the past years, and thats the thing I realized I've been just learning. Apart from my work stuff haven't been doing anything with programming or coding.

Finally decided to build something, so started looking for some inspiration. Landed on a sweet Library for React called React Spectrum and decided to build something similar to it using Web Components.

So here is my library called Word Spectrum which basically is a colorful and tiny placeholder for paragraphs.

Size: 271Bytes(Minified) and 198Bytes(Min + Gzipped)

Here is a preview.
Word Spectrum

Codepen Demo

Please do let me know any improvements which can be made to the library. Also Pull requests are welcome.

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Anders Clark

As a journalist-turned-programmer I find this a splitwly beautiful. Cool work man!