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The Secret Ingredient

I remember when I was in college (guess I’m old now), I used to enjoy learning so much. And still do.

I always wanted to score well in exams and get a good job, but never really actively worried about this stuff until the day of an exam or an interview. This may sound strange to most, but that’s how it’s been for me.

Most days, there was just this joy in learning. Each subject had its own charm. I enjoyed learning about database management and also learning about Economics and Finance. There was always something to learn from the course, the instructor, my peers, seniors, and juniors too.

And I learnt something everyday, not just about Computer Science but about myself, people and life in general.

Students often ask me now how I prepared for interviews, where did I study from, and how long does it take to prepare for an interview (or as pop-culture suggests, ‘crack an interview’). I honestly don't have a clear answer.

If I tell you to actively learn whatever you find interesting and also take interests in things that are considered important for achieving your goal and simply enjoy the process, can you accept this answer?

Computer Science is not all about Data Structures— that is just one tiny part of that degree. Is it important? Yes. But you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just learning Data Structures because you think it will help you get a job. Or because there is so much popular culture focusing on the ‘it’ thing.

I see a lot of fear in students today, and this fear leads to all sorts of unconstructive activities— cheating in contests to get better ratings, envying those doing better than you, developing a scarcity mindset (thinking if someone else got a good job, your chances somehow diminish). But that is really not the case.

Having an abundance mindset really helps in life. I did my entire bachelors studying with a friend way smarter than me, and we both helped each other learn; it helped us both in the end.

Enjoy learning. Approach any subject with a natural curiosity, and then feed that quest with answers on how things work. There is so much joy in learning and growth when you do it for the right reasons; reasons not stemming from fear. And help each other along the way. The relationships you make in your journey to success will any day be more important than whatever your final destination looks like.

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Jana Hranicka

Hello, this is very nice text and image, also.
I read it on DEV on android9.

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Calin Baenen • Edited

Plankton: "How is supposed to help me get the secret formula?".