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Software Developer Job Description (remote work edition)

In no particular order -

  1. Write Code
  2. Write test cases
  3. Automate tests/ manual tasks (Jenkins)
  4. Wait for PR checks to finish
  5. Read and write e-mails
  6. Move tasks from TO DO --> IN PROGRESS --> DONE (Jira)
  7. Do code reviews
  8. Scrum/ standup meeting
  9. Write documentation
  10. Ask for promotion/pay raise
  11. Ask people to review your PR (Git pull request)
  12. Play bug hockey with testing team
  13. Write peer reviews
  14. Get peer reviewed
  15. Ask for feedback
  16. Give constructive feedback
  17. Learn new things and share them with your team/the world
  18. Ask people in your team to teach you something new they have learned.
  19. Set clear time when you will be available and when you should only be reached if urgent.
  20. Know that no task is small or beneath you.
  21. Be grateful
  22. Beat imposter syndrome
  23. Mentor new people.
  24. Ask for help when needed
  25. Come up with good reasons to take PTO (paid time-off)
  26. Talk about the share price of the company
  27. Attend parties, farewells 

Please add anything I missed.

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Saloni Goyal


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Add your thoughts in Sprint Retrospective for improvement of the team.

Great list :)

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Saloni Goyal

Yes, good point. 😃