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Saloni Goyal
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Type Safety in Functions

C++ is a type safe language.

When you call a function, the parameters it takes have types. You provide the arguments and sometimes they need to be converted to the type of the parameters used. This conversion can be

  • possibly risky in which case the compiler will warn
  • passing a double (1.2) to a function which takes int parameter

The return value from the function might also be converted as part of assigning the value and this too could lead to compiler warnings if data is being thrown away.

Type safety rules apply everywhere in C++, from variables, to expressions as well as to functions.

Please leave out comments with anything you don't understand or would like for me to improve upon.

Thanks for reading!

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Designer Anna

Nice read. 👍
Plz provide a few examples or screenshots for better understanding .

Keep coding, keep growing.! ☕️

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Saloni Goyal

Thanks for the feedback Anna 😃, will surely do.