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Free Blockchain Application Ideas

Blockchain-based applications can offer a safe, secure, and more robust (even censorship resistant) experience for their users, but it is early days and there simply aren’t enough great ones being built.

At a basic level you can sign in to them with an identity you alone control, run the app locally on your device, save your data to your own private cloud, and connect with friends who are also doing the same…without relying on middlemen or centralized data silos. This allows for complete freedom and user-centricity, meaning if I don’t like an app, I can fluidly move to another app by taking my data with me. This also means that some apps won’t quite look like traditional “apps” since people using this infrastructure can reorganize themselves in any way they want.

To help incentivize app creators to build the future of high-quality apps, we recently launched App Mining. This means that every month is a new opportunity to earn a portion of what is currently $100,000 in monthly payouts across registered apps. If you’ve been thinking about it or have some extra time and want to contribute to the ecosystem, here are some app ideas we think would be useful and could be successful:

  • Decentralized
  • decentralized email client
  • Coin-operated file viewer
  • Decentralized Patreon alternative (information is not free! :-))
  • Podcast that pays podcasters
  • Spotify that pays artists
  • Dating app with specific communities
  • “Dunbar” Apps for your 1.5, 5, 15, 50, 150 friends
  • Social media where you save photos of your friends
  • Social media for people who are depressed (bring them from unnaturally unhappy to just naturally unhappy! ;-P)
  • “Blockstack experience” app (educational app about decentralization that walks you through the how and why of signing in with your Blockstack ID, shows your files in private gaia cloud, etc.)
  • App connecting community to campaign to make facebook’s algorithm public. Sign in to see progress, save files and communications in it.
  • Real Person Generator: KYC in a way that solves bot Sybil attacks but preserves privacy.
  • Blockstack Stacks token wallet app
  • Mixpanel for privacy-centric blockchain applications
  • App that connects you on one highly sensitive thing
  • Auditable, voluntary pothole filling
  • Personal therapy app where you can record your sessions privately
  • Scooters! Sign in to a scooter with my Blockstack ID and own your ride history in your Gaia private cloud.
  • This could allow many transportation networks to serve you in new ways.
  • Github without the centralized data silo
  • Slack without the centralized data silo
  • An app that uploads facebook’s data and repurposes it. I don’t want to just download my facebook data and delete facebook, I want to recycle it into a new app! Same for twitter.

If you have ideas for new blockchain apps add them to the public forum:

Add to the Forum

If you are building an app using Blockstack, sign up for app mining and earn money each month!


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Another nice one might be a GPS tracker for hikes or bicycle rides (MTB/road cycling). I'm currently using MapMyRide (another well known app in this category is Strava) and creating a Blockstack/dApp version of MapMyRide/Strava sounds like a cool idea.