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Learning without Educational System

When I was learning and I'm still, regularly I always notice that our teacher keep in the old method of teaching,, except some wonderful teachers.. The theoric courses after that some issues explanation and finally a practice of all those thing you already learned them..

In such fields as Internet Technology, maybe that will works all the time, and maybe will not work.. but personally I believe in learning without processes or pre-plans, DO YOU?

Come, I will explain my simple point of view..!

  • The learning Academic norms

I'm not an expert at Learning domain but also I'm a developer who knows google and googling things very well, so with a simple search in google using keywords like, 'learning' 'Academic' 'norms' 'system' I found this very clear result as, the education system is an process that allow student to learn anything form basics to professional and facilitate that using specific methods.

An Academic progress: is monitored by the teacher but is driven by the individual student. A student’s progress from one level to the next is based on academic readiness, not chronological age or “seat time.” Upper School students may complete their transcript work in three years, four years, or five years. Counterpane refuses to advance or graduate a student who has not proven academic readiness by an end-of-course grade of at least “75” in all college preparatory work.

  • Without academic processes (Plan)

To start from my experiences, I learned a lot of things and in different technologies without any pre-processes or pre-plans, also, I learned a lot of technologies without theory.. maybe looks strange but this is truth, during my 2 to 3 last years I worked as IT developer and a freelancer for a lot o people and startup, also I worked with an web agency as senior web developer and at "SEO" Team in the some agency.. there is things stuck in my mind more than others, as "You LEARN, DISCOVER, FORCED TO KNOW, TRY A LOT, KNOW NEW TECHNOLOGIES" When you NEED THEM!!

Lets told you who I learn a lot of new technology, tips and skills without plans or processes. I will use this square list to do that because I'm not too good in English :' guys :D :

  • Working with a team is always makes you learn new things "Without Processes", because if a friend or work-mate explain a tips to you he will be more brief and useful

  • Falling into technical problems during you're working on a real-time project makes you learn new skills or tips "Without Processes"

  • When project Manager asking from you to use a specific technologies to do this project you will not say "NO" so even you are never know about it you will go to documentation and you will be able to work with that even hardly, so you are learn and learned "Without Processes"

  • When you are on a Side-Project you try to use new thing so you just need a documentation and some blog posts or guide without keeps in order, so you are going to do it "Without Processes"

  • When you are going to search for a tutorial to know a new technology,, you will find a lot of them on the net, you choice one.. yo read it.. you learn from it.. REMEMBER that its not a teacher or someone who are using an academic processes to teach you that.. he's just an guy who share with you what he already knows so you learn "Without Processes" Even that!!.

  • REMEMBER You are able teach us what you KNOW so we can learn without processes :D

I shared you guys what I think from my view.. lets know yours :)

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