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Push goals are bad for you

Ever wonder why it's easy, and fun, to contribute to Open Source, but most times hard and painful to meet deadlines your manager sets? It's because of how your brain is wired (assuming you are a human).

Just going through the backlog of Anne-Laure Le Cunff excellent posts at her brand, Ness Labs. You really ought to consider following her: she's smart, got science and writes well!

In this post, Push vs pull goals, Anne-Laure explains the difference between external push goals and internal pull goals. They may get you to the same place, but the experience is wildly different, whatever you are trying to create: code, words, art.

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Understanding what kind of goal you are trying to achieve and how to convert from a professional life of push goals to a satisfying life of pull goals is an awesome mental tool for becoming more productive. Highly recommended reading.

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