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CKAD - Revision - Multi-Container Pods

See for mode details on this topic.

  • Sidecar Container - Adds some functionality not present in the main container such as logging - this allows for a decoupled and scalable approach rather than bloating main container code. Prometheus and Fluentd logging use sidecar containers to collect data

  • Adapter Container - Used to modify (adapt) the data either on ingress or egress to match some other need. An adapter would be an efficient way to standardise the output of the main container to be ingested by the monitoring tool without having to modify the monitor of the containerised application. An adapter container transforms multiple applications to a singular view

  • Ambassador - an ambassador allows for access to the outside world without having to implement a service or another entry in an ingress controller:

    • Proxy local connection
    • Reverse proxy
    • Limit HTTP requests
    • Re route from main container to the outside world. (Open Source Kubernetes-Native API Gateway built on the Envoy Proxy)

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