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Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
Bogdan Alexandru Militaru

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I’m back again in 2020 with a retrospective of 2019

I know that I missed it here for a long time, but now I’m back. You know, when you grow up you figure out why you shouldn’t grow up. But we are here so all we can do is to move forward. I missed this period of time because I had a situation. So, I moved alone (again), but in my own space off-white and I love it. I can do more work and I want to do more work. I learned more about SEO and how to get closer to you, my readers.

The year 2019 was a great year, I learned a lot, I switched 2 jobs (one from Airtouch to Pentalog and another one from Pentalog to RideSplash — if you want to see what I am doing now, check the website). I trained myself a lot in the gym and my physic looks better after this year and for sure feels better. Having a great experience by writing some articles here and I feel proud of that. To read more books and articles than ever in a single year and that is amazing for me, that’s why I started the series Good Readings, where I share with you the greatest article from the last period, usually, I post this once a week. I changed the design of my blog a few times and now looks awesome, I love it.

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I changed a lot of things in 2019 and that is the point. Things are evolving, we are evolving and always we have to move forward because life is awesome. You must do more than ever in 2020! YOU MUST! I really want to say to you that LIFE is AWESOME.

We are complaining sometimes too much because we need that and that and the government is doing bad things or the neighbor is doing better than you or whatever excuse you have. In Romania, this is a very common thing and this is not ok. For sure, there are people with have a clean mind and they are happy with their lives. This is all about, be happy with what you have and remember, always you need more. For that work harder and you’ll get it. Be happy for everyone around you if they succeed, because if you’re angry with them, you’ll be angry with you and sooner or later your life becomes full of angry.

Change the job again

I changed the job again because Pentalog is not that company that fulfills my aspirations. I want to be one of the best software engineers and I need to learn more and more. And the need from their side was different than my aspiration. I want to lunch great products in the future, not only doing outsourcing and this is all about, I don’t want to outsource. The project that I worked on was cool, was in the financing field, but it was not for me. The team that I had was awesome and I want to say hi to my dev team: Toni, Alex, Tibi, and Victor.

I wrote an article after I visited my client in France about working with legacy code, hit the link. This is was not meant to offend someone, because is normal to have some legacy code in such big and long projects. This was for sure the biggest project that I worked in my life, until now. The client’s team was nice with us, but we had no control in big decisions and code review feels sometimes a pain in the ass.

My leaving was not easy and my blog was under surveillance because I mentioned the name of that client. It was only about mentioning the name, nothing more, but was nice when I had a paper that informed me that I have 3 more days to remove all confidential information from my website.

It was a great experience for me after all because it really made me realize what I want in the future.

Small steps with CMEVO


CMEVO or Custom Evolution is my own company. I founded this in 2017, with one of my good friends Tavi, but we only worked with clients from time to time, nothing recurrent. And in 2019 I decided to roll this company up. We had some projects in the portfolio from previous work and that probably helps us to grow faster.

What am I doing here

Oke so, the company describes as:

We started as two guys in Pitesti, RO, with few RON in our pockets who graduated the University and a strong desire to grow the tech industry in a different way.

Our dream is to show to the entire world that all you need to have the best team in the world is trust, desire and perseverance. Our squad works fully remotely, everyone with their own schedule, but totally interconnected.

We don’t only strive to be the best, we want to be happy, to deliver quality and to make our clients happy. When all of us are truly happy, we consider that our purpose was accomplished.

I want to find partners, not employees, to work with and to develop the future in areas like web, mobile, voice, design and probably others in the future. We are working actively for clients and are striving to find new ones. So if you have a great project in your mind, please contact us and be advised that we have a Romanian version of this website too.

As I mentioned above in this article, my purpose is not to go back to outsourcing. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help others. And to have a budget for my ideas I need money so here we are. Hit the contact link and tell us what do you need.

I have in mind for a long period to start a project journal with for my project, but I’m closer day by day to achieve that idea.

Why RideSplash


RideSplash is a great project, it’s fun, cool and the team is very nice. What are we doing: electric scooters sharing:

We created Splash to be not only a means of quick and fun transportation, but to liven up people’s day in a way no other activity can.

So yeah we compete with Lime, Wolf, Flow and probably few others to gain the user’s trust from Bucharest. It’s a cool startup with fancy ideas and really big potential. The team is young and I really enjoy the time here. We learn a lot, meanwhile developing the project and we are growing constantly. I like that my team is very receptive to the new trends. We update constantly our tech stack, we are very receptive to ideas from other teammates or someone else. A great idea is great, doesn’t matter where comes from.

Here I’m doing mainly back-end, but this is not something that I’m blocked with. Because the team is agile and we can change our position if needed. For me, this agility is probably the most exciting thing with this project.

Plans for 2020

Plans are important, even if are in the long term or short term, so I have some plans for 2020. On the professional side, I really want to launch at least 2 projects under cmevo. I don’t want to disclose anything in advance, but subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll get the fresh content always.

This is all for today, my friends. I wish you a good day and don’t forget, get your information and your inspiration from my blog. Hit the subscribe link and add your email there to be always updated.

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