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Considering a Software Engineering Career Path? This is What it Looks Like
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Considering a Software Engineering Career Path? This is What it Looks Like

Ever think about a career in software engineering? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software engineering is one of the fastest-growing careers in the engineering field. Software engineers are in demand across the country, and job prospects look amazing. Software engineering is a new career, and it’s grown exponentially since its inception. Software engineers enjoy all the typical tech industry perks, such as progressive work environments and great pay. In addition to an impressive job outlook and high salary, software engineers enjoy a variety of challenges. If you want a lucrative and satisfying career, consider software engineering.

What Will You Do?
Software engineers do a lot. Seriously, a lot. To boil it down, they solve problems. Computers are central to software engineering, but it’s not all about apps and websites.

A software engineer is also a programmer and developer. Software engineers are masters of code. They’re responsible for creating, analyzing, and repairing software using their extensive programming and problem solving skills. Think of computing as a puzzle. A software engineer doesn’t just solve the puzzle; they add and replace sections–and create entirely new ones, too. Software engineers work on a wide variety of projects, some more interesting than others. Regardless, software engineers are in demand, so they often have a say in what type of work they do.

A software engineer designs and develops programs to run power plants, security systems, hospital equipment, cars, video games—you name it. If it computes, software engineers are involved.

The 21st century marches forward, and computers dominate more every day. Every aspect of modern life runs on software; there’s no better time in history to be part of the tech industry. Software engineers have a chance to write the future. Now that’s pretty darn cool.

How Much Will You Make?
Software engineering salaries vary, but the median pay is shocking. According to the BLS, median salary for the field is $105,590. That’s over $50 per hour! Pretty awesome, right?

Yeah, that’s just the median salary. You might make less, but you could make much more, too. Software engineering is highly scalable and varies between employers.

Many software engineers make a starting salary of $80,000 or more. It’s not easy work, but it’s rewarding and pays handsomely. Software engineering is a flexible career path, too. You can become a software engineer online and work from home if you choose.

Remember, you get what you put in, but the odds are in your favor. Future job growth is promising, starting salary is high, and earning potential is explosive.

What Education Do You Need?
There are many pathways to a software engineering career. The traditional route is an option: four years of college, a degree, and tons of unrelated courses. But there’s another way.

Most software engineers work for tech companies. They need engineers now and don’t care about college. The industry needs flexible and motivated candidates.

You’ll need an education. Though it’s possible to learn coding alone, you won’t be well prepared. Coding bootcamps can set you up for software engineering. These programs teach everything you’ll need to break into the software industry.

Coding bootcamps range in length from weeks to months and many students land a job right after graduation. They offer many advantages over traditional education. The world of software is ever-changing—bootcamps bring you up-to-date on the skills that set you up for a spectacular career as a software engineer.

Maybe it’s time for a change. If you’re looking for an exciting new career, click here to learn more about how to become a software engineering.

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