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Building full ecommerce stores in Bootstrap Studio 5.8

Bootstrap Studio 5.8 was released earlier this month, and with it came our brand new set of Ecommerce components which you can use to build fully featured online stores.

You can list products, let users maintain a shopping cart, enter payment details and checkout. The backend is handled automatically and payments are deposited directly to your PayPal and/or Stripe accounts with zero fees.

This is all done with a handful of components that work great together and can be added to any Bootstrap Studio project.


The Product component renders a product page with a name, media gallery, description and an Add to Cart button. All of these can be disabled individually from the settings and can be customized with CSS.

Product Page

Product List

The Product List component displays a collection of products in a list with optional pagination. You can switch it between list and cards, apply category filters and change the ordering.

Product List

Add to Cart

The Add to Cart component displays a button which lets users add a specific product to their shopping cart. Use it when building custom product pages but wish to leave the add to cart functionality intact.

Add to Cart

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart is where the magic happens. It generates a fully functional shopping cart that lets users edit products and checkout. Payments are transferred to the linked PayPal/Stripe account with zero fees.

Shopping Cart

More is Coming Soon

Here is what we have planned for making Ecommerce even better:

  • Coupon codes
  • Digital Products
  • Webhooks
  • Translations

We are looking forward to see what you build!

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marindash profile image

Nice and easy to build. Looking forward to more customisations of the components.