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10 Bootstrap Material Design Responsive HTML5 website templates (free download!)

Hey, peps and Bootstrap lovers!

As I promised yesterday I am posting another collection of templates today: Bootstrap (v.3) Material Design Templates Bundle.

These Bootstrap responsive templates all ready for you to integrate into your glorious website. Just change images and text and upload them to your hosting.

What Inside:

πŸ’ͺ Powerful Bootstrap

Bootstrap clean, efficient code has a beautiful order to it that’s simple to follow, so all templates from this collection are compatible with each other.

🎁 Material Design

It can save designers tons of time by hashing out the details of a site’s design, functionality, and content prior to actually using visual design.

πŸ‘ Responsive Layouts

Responsive design templates have already been tested on a specific set of browsers and devices, which reduces the work required to launch a website.

Ok, let's take a look at the templates:

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

(you can use it for free in any of your projects, however, for commercial projects (for example, free-lance projects) please buy a license together with
The Ultimate Bootstrap Bundle, this will πŸ™ support this freebies project :)

I’ll also post new templates and useful things here every day

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Download Templates For Free from the

p.s. I made these templates using my new website builder(WIP) that uses machine vision to build templates

  • extract colors from images and put it as a website palette, create a composition(text and background image) by the golden ratio rule - that's why these templates look so good.

(If you are interested in the project, write in the comments and I’ll think about how to put the work progress here)

See you!
Love you!


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Shaiju T

Nice πŸ˜„ , Do you know any good website like themeforest were I can buy responsive and trendy landing page templates for commercial use ?

bootstraptor profile image

Please share in the comments what other templates/snippets you would like to see here?

and I will create

Do you use Bootstrap?


(I also think to start with) the Tailwind CSS?

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bitrix infotech

nice to see this blog with such a new HTML5 Templates surely everybody gona like to see this.Kindly inform us with new updates. Thank you.