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Blogging my Homework

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The company I work for Made Tech care about their employees' personal development. They take this matter so seriously that on Friday afternoons, we spend this time honing our skills. To help focus our studies we began working on material that forms the basis of our core skills assessments.

The idea behind these core skills is to cover various disciplines that make a full stack engineer. To that end, the current core skills are:

There are three levels of competencies:

  1. Basic/Foundation
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

I recently passed the TDD core skill level 1 (Giraffe) and I've decided to blog my study to aid my learning. This will form the basis of a blog post series called "Blogging my Homework".

All the learning material as well as the assessment criteria is publicly available at

I'd love your feedback and tips, hopefully you can also learn a few things from me too!

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