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Write With Me (Day 6)

So, you may have noticed that I have missed a couple days of the writing challenge. However, instead of stopping, I'm going to just keep going. This has been a positive motivation for me. Several others have also reached out to me and said they enjoyed motivation as well. So, as long as I and others are inspired, I'm going to keep writing :)

Today I got to meet with Jess Chen. She is a product designer at Facebook, and she gave me some much-needed inspiration to follow my passion for design.

First, Jess gave me some insight into different types of Design. Specifically the difference between Industrial Design (product design in the hardware space) and Service Design. I won't go into detail about the differences, because at this point I can't give an appropriate intro.

Jess encouraged me to surround myself with other designers. Even if I go to a meetup and ask "Why am I going to these," I will likely hear some conversations that happen to give me insight to the design community. One thing she said really stuck out to me, "It's good to get exposure to the community."

In the past couple of months, I have started to have a big passion for designish type stuff. Thanks Jess for giving me some inspiration today to continue growing in this field.

If you want some inspiration as well check out Jess's website.

Then, take a look at Jess's Instagram.

Pciture Of Instagram Photo

Jess is a baker, and now I also want to be a baker. Yum

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