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Boris Krstić
Boris Krstić

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React Bubble

Someone recently asked here on DEV if there is any frontend job which doesn't ask for React. In the area where I live, I'd say that 95% of the companies are asking for React skills.

Is this a good or a bad thing?

I would like to hear community thoughts on this.

Is React a "bubble"?

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Chris Cordle

No, React is not a bubble. It's going to be part of the mainstream toolkit for web development for many, many years to come. I heard it said the other day that more time has passed since React came out (2013) than the time frame between JQuery (2006) and React. React does UI abstraction quite well and it's only improved over the years with Hooks, Suspense, etc being the most recent innovations on the framework. There's an extremely large ecosystem built around React, with over 115,000 packages on npm and growing. React is successful because it's simple enough for small projects but it scales well as an application grows. Functional components are a powerful abstraction and they make it easy to break down components and reorganize UI code as needed.

When I first got into web dev (2012), there was tons of churn. New frameworks were popping up all the time and while they still do this day, it's no longer a question of which framework is going to dominate. React certainly does and it's at no risk of losing that title.

That being said, Angular and Vue have respectable followings, but they're a distant 2nd and 3rd. Maybe down the road, WebAssembly will mix things up again and we'll see some real competition for React, but for now, it seems pretty secure in its position.

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Antonio Radovcic

It’s a very common framework but personally I’m looking for experience in any current JS framework when I need to judge candidates. Doesn’t have to be React. Of course everyone is hiring differently.
But still, it’s so popular but also not very complicated to learn, there’s no reason to ignore it nowadays.

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Anton Yushkevich • Edited

No, he isn't a bubble. You must be a frontend, javascript, developer. But not a 'framework' developer.
Because every framework - just a wrapper for language