The 10 best projects for an impressive portfolio

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Good morning guys, here to ask you today, what kind of personal portfolio projects do you think are the most interesting to create when it comes to web development? Something like a MEAN/MERN stack app, a clone.

Do you think that is better to have many 'good' projects or a unique 'amazing' one?

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Try solving your own problems. I would suggest picking proven technologies and probably avoiding mongo :)

As Ben said, focusing on one project will help you actually deliver. And if you deliver your show case project it would also mean that you will probably get a chance to touch infrastructure, UX, maybe even marketing.

Try writing something and deploying on Kubernetes (GKE for example), configure deployments, services. Automate release process :) It's shocking how many companies still have no automated process that deploys code to staging/production!


I'd go with one amazing project over ten "good" ones every day of the week. Show off something that you can show off all the neat little details of.

If you want things to "look more filled out", you can fork a few projects and modify them a bit, but if you want to be memorable, go deep on one.

It's also the sort of thing you can keep improving all the time. If you're looking for a job, you have two jobs: The interviews and improving on this one project.

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