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Videos and Channels for Learning Python

With such an abundance of freely available online resources, it is no wonder Python attracts self-taught programmers. Many well-written tutorials and even books are able to be accessed without a fee.

While reading will get you very far, sometimes one prefers watching and listening to a skilled programmer. Thankfully, high quality video streams and channels exist. This article lists several. Feel free to suggest any obvious ones I missed, in the comments below.

Vincent D. Warmerdam believes that "tech needs to have less skill anxiety." Hence Topics include Python tooling, such as flake8 and black, and Python programming concepts like kwargs and virtual environments. The quality and tone are simply excellent.

Corey Schafer

Corey Schafer is quite popular within the Python community. His videos engage Python and other software development topics. I am impressed by the range of viewers these videos serve, from beginner to veteran, and in between.

Real Python

Real Python is a rich source of tutorials. Dan Bader and crew have a Youtube channel as well. The content is varied, engaging basics, tooling, career choices, and other subject matter.


NumFOCUS, a nonprofit funding such projects as Numpy and Pandas, provides a Youtube channel featuring content from PyData conferences. The content often features one of the many projects supported by NumFOCUS, and other themes of interest to data scientists, whether starting out or already familiar.


The crew at Socratica share videos encompassing a huge range of topics, including Python, learning programming, and mathematics. One video might introduce Python to a new programmer, while another engages advanced computer science concepts. I often wish to "level up" on programming-related math skills, and am drawn to this channel for that reason.

Łukasz Langa's intro to asyncio

Łukasz Langa has the most practical introduction to asynchronous Python programming I have seen. Ever wondered what asyncio is actually for? So many tutorials make it seem as though asyncio.sleep() is a useful and relevant command. Langa, on the other hand, uses real world examples that explain asyncio programming approachably and thoroughly.

Pretty Printed

Anthony Herbert's channel is remarkable for its up-to-date content and heavy emphasis on web development. He takes popular tools and frameworks and explains them logically. He does a great job highlighting new features in each Python version as well.

Automate the Boring Stuff

Al Sweigart's Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is free to read online, available to purchase in print, and has this Youtube series. The videos follow the book chapter by chapter. Like the book, the series is practical and approachable.

Coding Blonde

This channel is worth mentioning simply for its empowerment and hospitality. There is no intimidation here, and an array of topics including Python-related as well as career and general tech/programming advice.


Anaconda is... a lot of things. A Python distribution/ecosystem, a data science toolkit, a company. Their Youtube channel contains videos from past AnacondaCON, JupyterCon, and other conferences, and are often both informative and entertaining.


Christian Thompson takes a refreshing approach to his video tutorials: they are generally multi-episode playlists around arcade game development. If you tire of "Hello World"s and todo apps, you may appreciate these practical exercises, with the end result being a finished game such as Pong, Space Invaders, Tetris, and others.

Derek Banas

Somehow, Derek Barnas releases a data science or machine learning video with an insane frequency. Those who are involved in data science will especially appreciate his videos, but the topics range pretty widely. Many will find relevant subject matter.

Coding is for Girls

The Coding is for Girls channel is strong in ability to explain concisely and clearly. While these videos are accessible and useful to all, they of course are well suited to helping younger female programmers find their way with confidence. Does anyone teach a middle school coding class? This would be an excellent resource.


The popular provides a large repository of videos on Youtube addressing many programming topics. Of these, they have some significant (and pleasantly long) resources devoted to Python.


Harrison Kinsley's "sentdex" channel includes both introductory and intermediate-to-advanced topics with a strong showing in data science and machine learning. Subject matter also includes web development, game development, web scraping, and Raspberry Pi, to name a few.


Mosh Hamedani is an engaging and knowledgeable instructor featuring some significant Python content. His style is approachable and his content is practical.

Other resources?

I hope there is something of interest to you in this list. What other recommendations do you have? Eager to encounter fresh video resources for learning and staying in touch with Python. Feel free to use the comments!

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Lewis kori

awesome list, there's a lot of content creators I didn't know from the list. Really excited to explore the asyncio channel.

I did a similar post last week, here's some extra content if anyone is interested.

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Jonathan Bowman

Great list of resources! Thank you!