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Web Dev Beginner? Here’s how to setup your next HTML/CSS project in seconds. 🔥

The problem (before)

I remember when I started learning web development a few years ago how tough and annoying it was to setup a new project for my basic HTML/CSS project.

It’s so simple, why do I have to keep learning it?

The solution! 🎉

Back then, a tool like Create HTML Boilerplate would’ve defiantly helped. 👍

What is Create HTML Boilerplate? It’s a super easy-to-use CLI (Command Line Interface) for generating the base of your vanilla HTML/CSS project in just seconds.

Cool! How can I do that?

Start by opening a new project in your preferred text editor and type the following command into your terminal:

You can replace myapp with the name of your project.

npx create-html-boilerplate myapp
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Lastly enter into your project folder by doing one last command:

cd myapp
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Now you should be good to go and ready to code away! 😎

If you find this open-source project useful, please give it a ⭐️ on Github. I really appreciate it. 😊

If you need help/have any questions, feel free to email me or put them in the comments. ⬇️

Have a great week! 👋

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