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10 Developers You NEED to Follow on Twitter

Learning to program is hard. Whether you're a seasoned developer or someone just starting your journey, surrounding yourself with a community helps you learn and can help keep you from burning out.

I've compiled an unordered list of essential developers I think you should be following on Twitter. Each has their own speciality and topics, but all of them provide content that will benefit you.

#1 - Dan Spratling

Having just starting his freelancing journey, Dan shares information about consulting and tips on how to build your own consulting business.

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#2 - Simon HΓΈiberg

Simon is a Software Engineer that regularly posts code snippets and JavaScript tips!
You won't regret giving him a follow!

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#3 - Proful Sadangi

Perhaps one of the best code snippet account on Twitter, Proful consolidates a wide range of topics into easy-to-understand sketch notes.

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#4 - Danny Thompson

In a slump? No worries. Danny Thompson posts uplifting and encouraging tweets to help you get out of the rut!

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#5 - Jhey

CSS is difficult, but Jhey makes it look oh-so easy! Posting lots of his own creations, Jhey also shares helpful tutorials to assist you in upping your CSS skills!

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#6 - Kass

Get inspired by the CSS art that Kass creates! And be sure to check her out on CodePen, too!

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#6 - Adam Wathan

Have you used TailwindCSS? Are you as obsessed as I am? Make sure you follow Adam, the creator of TailwindCSS. He posts updates about the the framework, but also asks for suggestions for future features.

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#7 - Simon Vrachliotis

Part of the team behind TailwindCSS, Simon posts insightful videos that showcase the new features of popular utility-first CSS framework!

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#8 - Florin Pop

If you aren't following Florin, you need to be. He records his development journey on Twitter, posts crazy programming YouTube video challenges and often posts encouraging thoughts to help you along your own journey!

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#9 - Kyle Shook

Kyle is a great guy and his account is a great follow! He's got some great day-to-day tips and has some pretty awesome stuff up on CodePen, too!

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#10 - Samantha Ming

Samantha posts some extremely creative code snippets and tutorials. If you aren't already following Samantha, make sure you do!

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That wraps up my list! Are there any accounts that you follow that you want to share? Make sure you post a comment below and let me know!

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Thanks, Braydon. Appreciate the shoutout alongside a lot of great folks!😁

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Braydon Coyer

You're a beast, Kyle! Thanks for being you!