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Kick the Can, Down the Road

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There are many strategies to solve real problems rather than to let them persist. A primary method employed in politics is kicking the can down the road instead of reaching for the solution. Every problem is an opportunity for profit under capitalism. Hence, elected officials are loyal to the profit of big corporations than the needs of the people.

Solving any problem first requires genuine intent to admit the problem. Then, collective efforts need to be in place to find real solutions. However, that means people need to accept the wrongs and willing to do right. Taking responsibility and finding solution to problems are too much work, time consuming and no one gain profit. And, any attempt is likely to receive backlash and be isolated from main players.

Therefore, community problems are often left unresolved and used for political gains and corporate profit. Often blamed on vulnerable such as minorities, immigrants, non-christians, liberals, media and the deep state. Ever noticed that financial institutions are free from all forms of criticism?
For an example, the bank account fees are decided based on quarterly performances to meet the unrealistic greed of next quarter.

Interestingly, our half baked economists argue inflation without analyzing the exponential growth of corporate profit from 1970 to 2020 or CEO salaries along with the expansion of corporate welfare toward greenwashing corporations. That is what happens to our tax dollars under the illusion of democracy. #economics #inflation #solutions

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