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What is Real Challenge in Democracy?

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Elections in capitalist countries always risk that the majority employees will vote to end the income and wealth inequalities produced by capitalism. So capitalists buy parties, politicians, mass media, etc. It’s their self defence against real democracy. Memorize the line and repeat every time when the alarm clock beeb.

Those who are woke in the left and right do not have all answers but know enough to investigate the problem. Of course, problem is power in the form of tyranny, dictatorship and corruption, simply put power corrupt. Instead of antagonizing each other; both can work together once to eliminate the problem.

Keeping both left and right divided is the mastery of ruling class. However, that challenge is an opportunity for new leaders to close the division and unite the people. Ruling class is always always always the enemy of the working class. Police are traitors by default. True democracy, freedom and liberty only come from collective efforts of anti-imperialistic projects.

One solution is to organize at grassroots, select leaders locally and hold a leash on his/her neck left, right, front and back to ensure they deliver without falling for bread tube. Against all odds, the victory of Amazon Worker Union in New York is the indicator of potential success for democracy. #challenge #leadership #opportunity

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