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The Pandemic Story of Workers

Life was not fair to working people even before the pandemic. We worked multiple jobs to feed and pay rent; though, food and shelter was basic human rights. As a frontline employee, I paid my dues while billionaires were going to space and laugh at us on their way back. Our capitalist leaders were protecting the big corporations while people were dying of disease that was manufactured through greed, ignorance and cruelty to humanity.

In 2020, I lost my livelihood and then had my family evicted from home but I fought back to inspire, change and build a better future for next generation. My community guarded me at the most difficult time and now I am privileged to lead the change that we all want to see changed. Join the conversation, let us be the change makers. We can break free from the capitalism induced materialism to build better community and preserve our planet. All workers face the same struggles. Let us unite and fight for better world.

No one shall be left behind. We can tell the truth and be revolutionary. Subscribe/ follow to stay connected, share the articles with everyone. Contribute to the conversation, be the unicorn in your social circle. We do not have to agree on everything but we got to protect each other from the evils of capitalism, imperialism and colonialism. Be engaged, you are a divine being, that is all what matters.

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