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Happy Podcast Day!

Hello there! Happy podcast day! During my time of code, I use to listen to music and podcasts to focus and get in a good mood.

So usually I listen to happy music like Panic at the Disco, Bruno Mars, or even Disney music (don’t judge me if you ever sing let it go) haha, but podcasts are more to relax, and as a fan of movies and business I listen to this podcasts:

The Rambling movie club
Is a new podcast with an awesome host Jamie Dumayne and here you can find very good movies to watch, remember and share. Btw, I’m the guest on the episode that’s coming this Wednesday and I talk about Mexican culture.

Yo Business
This business podcast is made by two millennials in NYC and they just talk about real business and work so I feel that I can do little things and have some progress, I don’t feel stressed like with big successful business people so that’s good 😛.

So this are some suggestions that I hope you like, share if you have a podcast if you listen to some podcasts or whatever you want.

Hugs&HuskyLove 🐶

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Michael Rice

Have you tried.... the Tech Lead Coaching podcast?!?! SHAMELESS self promotion on my part 👎

Seriously, thanks for the recommendations. I'm actively trying improve my own podcast library. Struggling for some reason....... will give yours a shot for sure.

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Brenda Limón

Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing your podcast! Im sure that if you enjoy doing it, I’ll enjoy listening to it. Keep the hard work! ❤️😊

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Justo acabo de terminar un podcast, tambien los siento más relajantes a la hora de hacer cualquier cosa, por lo general escucho dos:
Programming podcasts

Just for fun

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