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Brenda Michelle
Brenda Michelle

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Lets Read | DO App Platform Hackathon

The Idea

I have a list of ideas that I have wanted to build and I will be using one for the the DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon.

Lets Read will be a web app that can be used by parents to teach their children to read. As a mom of 3, I have been trying to teach my 3 and 2-year-old to read with different resources but I thought it would be fun to have something easily available on my phone.

The Why

Usually, I use flashcards that I made but my kids have completely destroyed them. Therefore the app will consist of different flash cards including phonics, alphabet, and pre readers for small children to learn to read.

This will not be something for parents to just hand over to their kids and let them learn on their own. The point of the app is for parents to work alongside their children.

The Plan

The steps I will be taking:

  1. Design the prototype with Figma
  2. Code the front end with HTML and Vanilla CSS
  3. Add functionality with Javascript.

I definitely plan on keeping it very simple and hopefully easy to use.

I plan on documenting my journey on my blog, Instagram and maybe my youtube channel brendamichelllecodes If anyone is interesting in tuning in.

Best of luck to everyone joining the hackathon and Happy Coding

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raddevus • Edited

Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to seeing more about your app. I just posted my entry also. Please take a look if you have a chance. Thanks.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

I love the personal connection here, Brenda! Really cool idea.