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Building Out Your Companies Website for eCommerce


If you have an e-commerce company, then you need to have a great website. No longer is it possible to be competitive by throwing up a simple site that isn't designed well and coded well. Having a great site helps you build your brand and protect yourself from threats. So use the methods below to ensure your website gives you the best chance to succeed in your market.


Accounting and Payments

Obviously, if you don't know where your money is coming from, or what amount is coming from each customer, you are going to encounter difficulties later on in the business. A virtual bookkeeper is a great way to have the information you need to project cash flow even give this information to your accountant if you have one.


It allows you to understand your profits, expenses, and financial needs going forward. Make sure this is integrated into your site so that you can have a better understanding of your payments and accept more payments from customers.


Marketing and Testing

There are various ways to build out your site to have better marketing. The first is to make sure you have a higher level view of your funnel. Your marketing funnel will determine your conversion rates, and this means you can make more money while spending less on ads.


Test your marketing to ensure that the best performing pages, links, and ads are being displayed at all times. Integrate your site with marketing platforms and Google analytics. This gives you granular data to look at and pass along to your marketing team. That way you can make more informed decisions about where you are with your results and how you are going to improve them.


Email Automation

Every e-commerce site should be asking customers to enter in their email addresses. First of all, this allows you to update them on their order. However, it also means you are building a list of customers that you can market to time and time again.


Have an email option on every page of your site. Someone might have intended to enter their email at first to get free gifts or other bonuses you offer. But if they forget, it is too easy to navigate away from your site without entering that information in first.


Automate these popups. Then, create an email sequence on the backend. It should welcome them to your platform. It should also tell them what they can expect from you in their email inbox. The good news is this can all be automated with software.


Integrate Customer Service

Customers are less patient than ever before. They want their answers and to be helped and they want it now. Have chat apps on your site so they can speak with an agent in real time. It might seem costly at first. However, the additional sales you generate could be well worth it.


Design with the User in Mind

The user is the person you have to keep your focus on at all times. When building out your site, design it with them in mind. Think about the visuals and other elements of their experience. For instance, how difficult or easy is it to find what they are looking for?



Proper web security ensures that your sales go on without an issue. You don't want your customers feeling like their information could be stolen. Use https and other measures to make your site more secure which could boost sales in the long run too.


When it comes to e-commerce, it is one of the most competitive business types out there. In order to beat the rest, you need a site that truly helps your brand stand out. So use the tips above. Build out your site so you can have an online revenue stream that is worth the effort. Then, you can put your attention on the other, higher level areas of your business.

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