THIS IS UNSAFE (and a Bad Idea)

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I'm sure most of us are familiar with this screen in Chrome:

Connection Not Private Warning In Chrome

This is the warning you get in Chrome when you visit a site with an invalid or expired certificate.

Typically, you just have to click "Advanced" then "Proceed" and everything's fine...Unless you're on a new-ish Mac! As of macOS Catalina, for certain SSL errors, there is no "Proceed" link.

So, poking around the internet, I found the workaround... Are you ready?

You type "thisisunsafe" while on the page, and it redirects you to the site.

After a little more digging, a likewise bemused colleague found that you used to be able to type badidea.

This works cross-platform, and even when you can click "proceed." So, for those of you who dislike taking your hands away from the keyboard, it could come in handy (pseudopun intended).

Use with caution!

Screenshot borrowed from Google Support

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I like things that I don't understand on the first try


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I'm almost afraid that I know this now...


I'm afraid that you're afraid that you know this now