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What would TacoScript look like?

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Imagine a simple toy programming language named TacoScript.

What do you think it would look like, in terms of syntax and language features?

In my mind, the module syntax would involve adding sauces or toppings:

add-sauce "json"
// or
topping "json"

Then, objects or structs would be called shells. And maybe a softShell would behave like weak objects in javascript (i.e., garbage collected as soon as all references to it are gone).

There's a lot of potential here for super nerdy food-based wordplay... I'm curious to see what you come up with πŸ˜„

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It has to be functional. Every line either opens or closes shell, or it's filling. filling doesn't exist outside shell. That would be an overflow error.


It has to be functional

Clearly tacoscript belongs to the Lisp family. () There's your taco right there. Just need to fill it...


Immediately I was like "well obviously it has to look delicious" and then I couldn't stop thinking about syntactic sugar being delicious.

Maybe I need some lunch.

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