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When is the last time you used `var`?

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I used var last week, and it made me nostalgic.

I feel kinda bad for var. Sometimes I get the feeling we live in a strictly let and const world these days.

Tell me about the last time you declared a variable with var. What music were you listening to? What was the codebase like? Was it the 90s????

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Haha if I'm in a console, I don't care about binding semantics and so I usually don't use a declarator at all! A simple x = 42 is sufficient, in that context.


same here! it feels so freeing. like running through a field


Definitely, same here, though it seems chrome 80 has added the ability to redefine let variables


Good to know, is this only in console or has spec chqnged

I think it's just in the console, they also allow class to be redefined. You can check the release notes if you're interested in learning more:


The last time I used var was the last time I worked in a JavaScript code base in which I was the only contributor: anytime I try to use it in public, I get shot down by humans or an opinionated linter, or both 😞.

Ideally, I would use it more often. It's not a replacement for let or const, just like they aren't drop-in replacements for var or each other. I actually wrote about how I would prefer to use it here:


I haven't used it in forever. 95% of the time now I use const. By making a concerted effort to avoid using let and the mutability it allows (not that const is truly immutable), it has made the code I write much, much cleaner and easier to reason about.


I think I haven't used it in years, except in DevTools. Though this is no longer needed with Chrome 80, which allows redefining let.

I was listing to Mozart playing live If I recall correctly. Just kidding, I don't remember exactly when I used it last

I have never looked back, not one single time.


I don't use this yet 😂

Include let and const. Because, I write like this is run:

name = "Zen"

Every time I risk polluting global scope including,

  • Chrome DevTools (Inspect Element)
  • Top level scripting in <script></script> tag.

My last time was some years ago xD i don't even remember the last time i used it.


Yesterday. It'll probably be today, too, but it was definitely yesterday.

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