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What are your favorite Software Development tools ?

As there are a lot of tools on the market, both free and paid, it is sometimes hard to find the best fit.

I would like to know what are your favorite tools that help you as a developer. This can be in any way. It can be a general productivity tool or a language-specific IDE for example. I just like to know, what are your "weapons of choice".

I will start with mine:
(I am a Java / JVM developer by trade, working on Mac. This might reflect some of my tool-choices.)

Homebrew (free)

for installing software on my mac

SDKman (free)

Installing and switching between different SDK's

Intellij IDEA (free / paid)

My favorite IDE for Java, Kotlin, JavaScript & HTML

Snyk (free)

Checking for security vulnerabilities

Maven (free)

Package manager

Divvy (paid)

Managing the layout of my screen.

Insomnia (free)

Rest API client

Slack (free / paid)

Yes, I like slack ... and I try to integrate as much as possible in it.
(pro tip: the "remind me later" option 🤓)

I can go on and on about other tools, but these are the tools I use on a daily bases. (I might even forget 1 or 2). I am curious about your list.

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Docker is a must!

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  • Cmdr Console Emulator Linux command console emulator for Windows
  • IntelliJ Ultimate Edition
  • Slack
  • Gradle
  • Notepad++