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Win free swag by fixing security vulnerabilities

We’re excited at Snyk to make security 100x better in 2022 with "The Big Fix!" This event brings developers, DevOps, and security practitioners from around the world to find and fix vulnerabilities together.

The Big Fix β€” is a month-long global event dedicated to finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in both open and closed-source software, that is running now!

The Big Fix commemorates the development, DevOps, and security people who value app security and take proactive steps to fix vulnerabilities found in their program code, open source dependencies, Docker container images, or Infrastructure as Code.

If you are up for it, sign up for The Big Fix and fix some vulnerabilities for some custom Snyk swag.

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Next to all this, come join our Discord community! We will be wrapping the event up on February 25 with a live, 24-hour Big Fix-a-Thon on Twitch! We have lots of expert guest that can help you out or teach you something around application security in general.

Are goal is to fix 202200 vulnerabilities (2022 x 100), so 2022 is indeed 100x better.

What do you need to do:

  1. Sign up at The Big Fix
  2. Import you code to your Snyk account
  3. Fix a vulnerability
  4. Receive your special Snyk swag

Dont forget to check out The Big Fix website for all information, sign up to our Discord community and follow the 24 Fix-a-thon on Twitch or YouTube at Feb 25, 2022.

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Liran Tal

Fixing security issues and getting rewarded for it? amazing! :D