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8 Tips from Junior Software Developers to Future Devs

We have asked junior developers at Bright Inventions what advice they would give to someone who is looking for the first job in the software development world. Check out their tips for future developers!

Show that you want to learn

Paweł – Junior Fullstack Developer:

If you have some knowledge gaps that is not a deal breaker. You can always catch up with technical things. The crucial part is to show your willingness to learn and your passion. You don’t need to have an answer to every technical question. But if you are aware that you still have so much to learn and that truly excites you, then you are sending the right message to the recruiters.

Don’t lie

Łukasz – Junior Fullstack Developer:

If you don’t know some languages or libraries, tell it straight on. Be authentic. The truth will quickly come out. When someone catches you in a lie that’s usually over.

Coding is passion

Jędrzej – Junior Fullstack Developer:

Don’t go into the software development industry only for money. It should be your passion. Recruiters can tell if you just want to do this job but don’t really desire to start this career.

Erase “I don’t know” from your dictionary


If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t give up by saying “I don’t know”. Try to show how you would like to resolve this issue, how you would try to find the answer to this question. Don’t give up. Often it is not about the right answer but about showing your process of solving some technical challenges.

Your first job interview will probably be a mess


Usually the first job interview feels like a collision with a wall. And that is normal. Take lessons from that experience, remember what recruiters asked you, what they expected from you. Every next interview will be better.

Don’t start from a remote job


Try to look for a job in an office rather than remote one. At least choose a hybrid option if possible. Naturally, pandemic makes it more difficult, however, it is easier to start a good relationship with your team when your colleagues aren’t just avatars that you see on Slack or Google Meet. Initial months in a first software development job are challenging and working remotely can make it even more difficult. Office working gives you more opportunities to acquire knowledge from mid or senior software developers.

It will be overwhelming in the beginning and that’s OK


When you start your first junior software development job, you will surely be overloaded with tons of information about the project, technologies, new colleagues and software development company. Try not to be stressed about that. That is normal. Day by day you will feel better.

Chill out


It will be fine. Stress isn’t your friend. Really.

That’s it for now from our junior developers. Good luck with finding your first software development job!

And learn more about career opportunities at Bright Inventions.

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